Euroopan maaseutuverkosto avaa EU:n laajuisen maaseutuvalokuvakilpailun.

Kaikki kuvat kilpailevat yhdessä sarjassa, johon sopii ”monipuolisia kuvia maaseudun elämästä nykypäivän Euroopassa”. Kuvaajat voivat olla joko ammattilaisia tai amatöörejä – kilpailun ainut rajoite on että kuvaajan kotimaan on oltava EU-jäsen ja otosten on oltava EU:n alueelta.

Kilpailukuvien parhaimmisto kootaan näyttelyyn keskeiselle paikalle ”EU-Brysseliin” ja parhaat kuvaajat palkitaan maatalouskomissaari Dacian Cioloksen isännöimässä gaalassa 27.6.

Kilpailun karsinta järjestetään Leader-ryhmien kautta. Joutsenten reitin toimialueen ”vahva kulttuurinen ruokamulta” edellyttää vähintään palkintopallisijaa! :o) Pyydämme toimittamaan kilpailukuvat MUISTITIKULLA Joutsenten reitti ry:n toimistolle 11.5. mennessä, os. Puistokatu 10, 38200 Sastamala (max 3 kuvaa/ kuvaaja). Tulemme palkitsemaan myös oman alueemme kuvakisan parhaimmiston.


Joutsenten reitti ry

Images of Rural Europe

Be Part of It!

Dear Madam/Sir,

We are delighted to announce that an exciting photo competition has been launched by the ENRD – and we are looking to you – Local Action Groups – to make it a success!

The ‘Images of Rural Europe’ initiative aims to promote and celebrate rural development in Europe. The competition will involve the collection of diverse range photos which reflect rural life in Europe today – the winning entries of which will be displayed at a major exhibition at the prestigious Berlaymont building, in Brussels from 22 June to 10 July, 2012. In addition, winning photographers and LAGs will be invited to attend a high profile awards ceremony, in the presence of the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Ciolos, on 27 June, 2012.

Additional follow-up activities to the awards may include a touring exhibition across Europe and a hardcover glossy photo-book to be published later in the year.

Taking part couldn’t be simpler! The Images of Rural Europe photo competition is open to all professional and amateur photographers who are resident in any of the EU Member States. Each entrant may submit as many photos as they wish but only LAGs will be allowed to upload pictures via the dedicated website Therefore, your role as LAGs is crucial to the competitions success.

How you collect photos from your area is up to you – but we encourage LAGs to consider organising competitions at local level to select the best pictures to be submitted to the Images of Rural Europe exhibition. You may even decide to join forces with other LAGs in your area.

The main thing to ensure is that your rural area is represented. This will allow you to:

Further engage with rural citizens in your community with respect to the themes that matter the most to them;
Promote your rural area and your local community to a wider audience at EU level.
To find a media-kit designed to support you in the promotion of this initiative in your area please click here:

Please note that the competition closes Friday 18th May 2012.

For any questions or request you may have, please address via e-mail to

Images of Rural Europe … be part of it!

Best regards

ENRD Contact Point