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Local action group of Huittinen, Hämeenkyrö, Punkalaidun and Sastamala municipalities for rural development.

Joutsenten reitti ry is one of the 55 national community initiated development function groups in the countryside.

The goal of this association is to improve the quality of living in the countryside by financing grass-root level development projects. The projects are based on the association’s development plan and incorporated societies can apply for them.

Joutsenten reitti ry functions as a bridge between authorities and project implementers by helping the applicants with working up their ideas into projects.

A special feature in Joutsenten reitti ry line of activities is an emphasized importance of grass-root level developing activities which reflects through active municipal commissions.

The operations of Joutsenten reitti ry are based on rural development plan aiming at improving quality of living. The means to reach this goal are the increase in subsistence and influential possibilities.

Joutsenten reitti ry (The Swan route) has been named after the national birds that follow the region’s waterways on their migratory journies. Fields, forests, swamps and the gently rolling countryside turn the scenery into a kaleidoscopic mosaic.

Strategy of operations:

  • Activating the field right from the start
  • Utilizing the most up-to-the-moment information technology and innovate models of operations
  • Flexible and networked ways of operating
  • Bringing decision making close to the operations and fluent information flow
  • Operations are open to all operating in the area of the association

Monetary resourc:

  • The budget of the Joutsenten reitti ry is 6,9 million €:s (2007-2013)
  • 56 % of financing the projects is coming from the Ministry of the Agriculture and Forestry and from the EU, 14 % from the municipalities of the Joutsenten reitti region and the rest 30 % is applicant’s private financing

Division of labour:


Activating the project implementers

  • Refines project ideas
  • Counselling project applicants and implementers
  • Acts as an introducer and secretary of board meetings
  • Gives out information
  • Supervises realization of the whole program
  • Financial, reporting and administrative duties

Project advisor

  • Counselling project applicants and implementers
  • Office secretarial duties


Decision making body for feasible projects

  • Implements the principles of impartially and confidentiality
  • Implements the principle on triunity
  • Members are local experts
  • Take part in activating implementers, project preparations and project operations

Joutsenten reitti LAG (PowerPoint-tiedosto, 6,1 Mt)